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NIV Full Face Mask


Key Features:
• Vented and non-vented masks
• Belt clip easily movable
• Adjustment clip
• Head gear for proper adjustment
• Aerodynamic look
• Dual wall chin seal
• Swivel belt seal
*Available In Small, Medium, Large Only

Airforce - Vented
Airforce - Non-Vented
NAASA – CPAP Nasal Mask

*Available In Medium Only

Naasa - Vented
Naasa - Non-Vented

Key Features:
• Vented and non-vented masks
• Flexible mask
• Chin support
• Aerodynamic look
• Spring adjustment for releasing nose pressure
*Available In Small, Medium, Large Only.

Galaxy - Non - Vented
Galaxy - Vented

Respiratory and Anaesthesia Products

Humidifier bottle

*Available with and without connector

Humidifier Bottle
Venturi Mask
BVF-HME Filter
Ambu bag - Adult
Ambu bag – Neonatal
Pressure Infusur bag